Is Your House Really an Asset??

Posted by Ashley Walsh // May 27, 2017

Your house is an asset.  Well, it is, but not like you think.  An asset is something that is generating income for you.  Who is your house generating income for?  The bank! Yep, your house is an asset, but for the bank, not you.  For you, your house is most likely a liability.  You owe […]

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Sell My House For Free?

Posted by Ashley Walsh // August 13, 2015

Sell your house for free! You absolutely can do it, or should at least become a bit educated about it, and weigh if you can make more money selling your house, don’t you think? Since no one ever talks about this, it seems like a big secret.   Well, this is the Seattle area and we’re a bit […]

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Arbor Day Stylemaker Way

Posted by Ashley Walsh // April 24, 2015

Happy 2015 Arbor Day!  This year we joined the National Arbor Day Foundation. We did it because we feel it is important to bring balance to what we do.  When we buy homes, we buy them because they need a good clean-up and update, which pretty much always entails removing a tree or so. As […]

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Responsibly Handling Hazardous Waste

Posted by Ashley Walsh // April 5, 2015

We’re a responsible and conscientious team, collecting hazardous waste found on the properties we buy and remodel to then properly dispose of it.  Check out our article from last April, Clean and Clear Conscience. Earth Day is everyday with Stylemaker Homes!  The current Sammamish project threw some new challenges at us beyond AA batteries, old paint and […]

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Cinderelly Wood Floor Refinisher

Posted by Ashley Walsh // March 5, 2015

  Cinderelly, Cinderelly Night and day it’s Cinderelly Make the fire, fix the breakfast Wash the dishes, do the mopping Our toddler loves Cinderella, and some days I feel like her.  Luckily, it’s not very often, as my husband is excellent around the house and with being a dad. Here was a small project in […]

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FJ55 Iron Pigs Rehomed

Posted by Ashley Walsh // February 11, 2015

The two Toyota Landcruisers from 1970 were rehomed! It took quite a lot of work to cut them out of the saplings and blackberries, but once we freed them I began to research what to do with them. We learned that without title the scrappers didn’t want them. Apparently there are laws preventing this due […]

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Buzz Worthy

Posted by Ashley Walsh // January 5, 2015

Early December, on a lovely warmish day we were accessing the septic system and I noticed bees landing on the roof of the bay window and disappearing between the shingles and the flashing.  How exciting to see we had honey bees in the roof! Uh-oh, but the roofers were due to start in a few […]

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Having a Nicole Curtis Moment

Posted by Ashley Walsh // December 17, 2014

Do you watch “Rehab Addict”? It’s a television show featuring Nicole Curtis who aims to restore, recycle and reuse when rehabbing houses instead of demolishing when possible. As a woman who likes to be a do-it-herselfer like Nicole, I thoroughly enjoy watching her show and having a hand at doing what I can myself too. Did you […]

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4bd 2ba Sammamish Home on Acreage

Posted by Ashley Walsh // November 21, 2014

This 4 bedroom, 2 bath Sammamish home on acreage is wonderful. Stylemaker Homes recently purchased this home as a short-sale, which means the Seller’s credit was saved from the black mark of foreclosure on their record. It’s been empty for some years.  Though the beauty of the gorgeous Thomasville kitchen shines through. Missing appliances, this old […]

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Rundown House Vacant For Years

Posted by Ashley Walsh // November 8, 2014

We will buy your rundown houses vacant for years! Property solution companies are great for solving problems and improving everyone’s lives.  There are so many ways and so many situations we can help with when the traditional real estate broker/MLS way just isn’t working. I love this story from fellow property solution provider Tom L. […]

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