Empowering Women

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Stylemaker Homes – Gives

Unless you choose to do great things with it, it makes no difference how much you are rewarded, or how much power you have. -Oprah Winfrey


A woman is the foundation of her family and a critical member of her community.  Stylemaker Homes is 100% woman owned.  I am lucky to live where I can wear what I want, criticize my government without being shot, that my child will not become a child-soldier, that I am well nourished, that my family is not dying from an easily treatable disease, and that I can read, create, contribute and help others less fortunate than I without being punished.

With the success of my company, I am very aware that the majority of women and girls in the world do not have the same opportunity to dream, go on adventures or explore their ambitions. Most cannot read, let alone take food and eating for granted. They do not have “food security”.

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After reviewing the top-rated women’s empowerment non-profits, Mrs. Walsh decided that a portion of Stylemaker’s profits will be donated annually to non-profits that help feed women and children, and support literacy.


1. Locally here on the Eastside of Seattle, we have gardened and donated a portion of our healthy organic crops to Hopelink in Redmond through our Marymoor Community Garden plot. In 2015, we added the Issaquah Food Bank where we take usable foodstuffs, clothes and children’s items from houses we remodel.


2. Also in 2015, we began donating to Heifer International.  Families receive gifts of honey bees, chickens, pigs, cows, etc. The programs at Heifer are outstanding in that not only do they help families with food security and nutrition, but by helping families to become farmers they gain income, which typically allows their children to go to school or stay in school longer. Mrs. Walsh always liked that families who receive a gift (of honeybees, chickens, a goat, etc.), must pass that gift along to another family.  Specifically, we’ve marked our donations to Heifer for the “Women Self Help Group”, having helped at least a dozen groups of women so far.



3. Mrs. Walsh decided to focus on one region to help improve its literacy rates. In 2015 she discovered Guyana, a country we are excited to learn more about. For example, we never knew that there was a country in South America where English is the official language.  How will we help?  We are currently donating to SAGE , and are open to hearing about any literacy programs in Guyana you may know about.  SAGE is a highly impactful organization providing scholarships to those attending the University of Guyana.


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